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Why Get Started on LinkedIn?

To start, it is a platform that will allow you to reach people around the world all at once. You can reach beyond your city and do business with people a thousand miles away. There really are no drawbacks to LinkedIn; you just have to know how to use it.

LinkedIn is not just a resume service. It should not be viewed as a means of posting your credentials and maybe connecting with a couple of people you already do business with. LinkedIn offers networking opportunities on a grand scale. No longer will you need to wait for a conference to meet new people (although they are still wonderful networking opportunities), but you can use your search button to find people in specific fields in specific places, or almost anything else you want to know, today

LinkedIn allows members to make introductions, a wonderful tool in many capacities. Interested in applying for a job? Search your network and see if you are connected to anyone at the company. If you have a second level connection, it means you and that person have a connection in common, so ask for an introduction! Travelling to a new city? Use connections in that city to find people in your field to meet with.

The possibilities are endless. LinkedIn is actually a wonderful platform for introverts because it allows you to think about each networking move you make. If you get intimidated by the thought of introducing yourself to strangers at a networking event and your mind goes blank, on LinkedIn, you can carefully select people and construct well thoughout messages requesting connection. Look around and learn some of the awesome ways you can use LinkedIn.

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